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North Terrace Elementary

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    Middle school return to in-person learning 

    Dear Middle School Families, 

    We are excited to welcome back our middle school students the week of March 29th. 

    Students in Cohort A will attend in person on Mondays and Tuesdays.

    Students in Cohort B will attend in person on Thursdays and Fridays.

    On Wednesdays, both cohorts will attend class periods together VIRTUALLY.

    On days when students are not on campus, they will attend Virtual Support class periods in the afternoons.  


    North Terrace K-5 Return to in-person learning*


     Cohort A on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from:

    Kindergarten 8:15 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.                         (1st – 5th)  8:15 a.m. – 11:15 a.m.


    Cohort B on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from: 

    Kindergarten 12:00 p.m. -2:45 p.m.                         (1st – 5th)  12:00 p.m. – 2:55 p.m.

    All students will remain virtual on Wednesdays.

    *State preschool students will remain the same as in the fall.


    counseling resources By mr. solis

    2020-2021 Registration Information

    For enrollment information, please visit our OUSD registration page : Registration Information

    New students please print out the Online Enrollment Confirmation, and bring a certified birth certificate, immunization records and two proofs of residency.  Returning students, please print out the Data Confirmation page, along with two current proofs of residency, to complete the registration. 

    * Office Hours Beginning August 5th: 9:00am to 2:00pm

    we live the north terrace tiger code

    North Terrace Tiger Code: Be Safe;  Be Responsible;  Be Respectful;  Try Your Best;   Never Give Up!

    Honor Roll School

    safety first, convenience second

     Traffic and Parking Safety

    Please understand that these procedures have been carefully considered and developed with students’ safety as the guiding principle.

                *Use the parking lot for parking only.  This is not a drop-off area and is not marked as such.  Parking lots are not safe for unaccompanied children.

                *To drop off your student, please pull up to the curb.  This area is clearly marked as a drop-off/pick-up lane.  Please follow the white curb as far forward as possible so that we can optimize the available space and allow room for as many vehicles as possible. It is critical that drivers do not park in this loop as it disrupts the flow of traffic and poses a safety concern. 

    *Please walk with in the crosswalk whenever walking in the parking lot.  Shortcuts may save a few seconds but are an unnecessary safety risk for our children. 

              *Please do not stop any part of your vehicle in the marked crosswalk area.

                *Unaccompanied children may NOT be left in an unattended vehicle.  This is not legal and must be reported.

    To avoid these concerns completely, walking is highly encouraged.  There are many benefits to walking, such as exercise, fresh air and time to chat with your child(ren). J

    Bike and Skateboard Riders

    • Students in grades 3-8 can ride bicycles to school. Students in grades 6-8 are allowed to ride skateboards.CA law requires all students to wear helmets.  Riders must ride safely on their way to school and on the way home.

    • Bikes and skateboards must be walked on the sidewalk on campus; no riding on school grounds. Bicycles brought to school must be locked and placed in the bike racks.

    • Younger students may ride bicycles or scooters if they are accompanied be a parent or caregiver. Again, thank you for not riding them on campus.

    • Failure to comply with rules will result in a forfeiture of privileges.

    Thank you parents for keeping an eye out for our students during the busy arrival and dismissal times.  


    • All children are to be picked up or go home directly after school, unless they are enrolled in an after-school program.Wednesday is Minimum Day.  Kindergarten students are dismissed at 11:50 and grades 1-5 students are dismissed at 12:25 PM.

    Positive Human Connections

    Our North Terrace Tigers work together to make a positive impact in our community.  We are proud to be TNT, Team North Terrace!

    Shoe Heart
    TNT Running Track Helps us Stay Fit

    Thank you DMI Construction for donating a running track to our North Terrace Community!

    the 4 C's Lead to Success


     North Terrace is a learning environment where these four essential 21st-century learning skills are practiced by ALL of our learners.

    This is it! Key of Excellence

    2nd graders demonstrate "This Is It!".

    Important Information for Incoming 7th Graders


    The California Department of Public Health has mandated all students enrolled in public education grades 7 - 12 MUST show definite proof of immunization (Tdap) against this infectious disease before the start of the school year. Immunization is a state requirement. Please see for further vaccination information.  Please contact our health office if you have any questions. 

    Barnes & Noble Music Performance

    Our North Terrace Tigers made us proud at Barnes and Noble!  Thank you to all who came out and supported our awesome musicians.  

    Picture 1 Picture 4
    Picture 2 Picture 3


    Home of the Tigers

    Office Number: (760) 901 - 7500
    Fax Number: (760) 430-7147
    Attendance Line:
    (760) 901-7500 *Press 1 or email to report absences:

    Principal: Mr. Art Carrasco

    Assistant Principal: Dr. Jessica Poumele    

    Counselor: Mr. Jesus Solis Email:

    Health Clerk: Mrs. Amy O'Neill Email: amy.o'

    Upcoming Events




    North Terrace Tigers logo

    Welcome to North Terrace:
    Home of the Tigers!
    "We are problem solvers!"

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    Girls (5th-8th Grade) Enjoyed STEM Conference at Miracosta College


    North Terrace Tigers and family members enjoyed a fun day of learning at the Girl's STEM conference at MiraCosta College.

    OUSD Policy on Bullying Harassment & Discrimination

    no bullyingThe local educational agency (LEA) adopted a policy that prohibits discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and bullying based on actual or perceived ancestry, age, color, disability, gender, gender identity, gender expression, nationality, race or ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or association with a person or a group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics.

    Student Illness

    Dear North Terrace Parents and Guardians,

    With the changes in weather during the fall and winter months comes the dreaded season of colds, and the flu. Please make sure that if your child is ill and unable to come to school, that you notify the school attendance hotline.  If you child is experiencing symptoms of fever or vomiting please make sure that they are free from these symptoms for at least 24 hours prior to their return to school.  We want to ensure that all student are healthy and ready to learn at all times. Please feel free to contact the health office for more information.