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Grade Level Supply Lists

The following are suggested supply lists.  One item that we do ask for is a pair of personal earbuds that your child will use with the classroom digital devices.  Your child's teacher will have more information after the beginning of the school year.  Please do not worry if your child does not have the suggested supplies, as we will provide what he or she needs!  Thank you for your support!


Kindergarten Suggested Supply List

1st Grade Suggested Supply List

Second Grade Suggested Supply List

Third Grade Supply List

Fourth Grade Suggested Supply List

Fifth Grade Suggested Supply List


Free online tutoring!

Check out this great resource for free online tutoring and homework help:

Our Community


We live in beautiful, sunny California.  Please make sure that your child wears sunscreen (SPF 15+) on those beautiful sunny days that we enjoy so much!  It is also important for them to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. 

Parents Page


Welcome to the North Terrace Elementary School Parent's Page!  Please click on the link for our Student Handbook.


NorthTerraceStudent Handbook

Safety to and from school

North Terrace is a true community school, and we encourage families to walk to and from campus.  We also stress that our parents be extra cautious when driving to and from school.  The following policies are in place for students who would like to ride their bicycles, skateboards, or scooters to school:


- Students in grades 3-8 are allowed to ride their bicycles or scooters to school

- Students in grades 6-8 are allowed to ride their skateboards to school

- All bicycles, scooters, and skateboards must be walked once students are on the sidewalk near campus

- Students must wear helmets per California law

- Students who fail to wear helmets or ride in an unsafe manner will lose the privilege of riding to and from school.


It is strongly recommended that our children walk or ride with an adult.  If that is not possible, please make sure students walk in groups of three or more.  Our children should not walk alone before or after school.




We strive to be bully-free

At North Terrace we expect all members of our community to Be Safe, Be Responsible, and Be Respectful. Bullying has no place in our community, and we work hard to ensure our community feels safe.  Please talk to your child every day to find out about their day at school.  If they are struggling with        their schoolmates, please communicate with teachers and other staff members as soon as possible. 

Many times our student issues turn out to be misunderstandings or common childhood conflicts that are quickly resolved by communicating with classmates and staff members. 


Bullying, however, is a different matter altogether. 

Bullying is not:

minor teasing;

back-and-forth disagreements;

common childhood conflicts.

 Bullying is:


imbalance of power;


physical, psychological, or verbal;

 may occur via the internet or through cell phones.


If you have any questions or concerns about bullying behaviors, please contact the school immediately and speak to a staff member, your child's teacher or the principal.  The sooner an issue is addressed, the better chance there is of resolving it quickly.


Thank you for working together with us to create and maintain a safe, comfortable learning environment for ALL of our students. And thank you for modeling great behavior for our North Terrace students.  Children learn from our words and actions as well.

The following link has great resources to help prevent bullying: StopBullyingWebSite

There is also a free app, KnowBullying, that puts bully-prevention tips in the palm of your hand: KnowBullying App

Stop Bullying Logo

K-5 Progress Report Explained

Why is math different now?



If you are in need of a before or after-school program for your child, please contact the After School Achievement Program (ASAP) at  The program, located on our campus, is available to civilian and military families.  Click on the following link for ASAP times and fee information:

ASAP 2015-16 

Parent Portal Information

Our middle school teachers use Parent Portal as an important communication tool to post classroom information.

For information on creating a parent portal, please click on the following link:

Parent Portal


Please communicate with your child's teacher whenever you have a question or concern.  Remember that we are here for all of our students, and communication is an important part of success in school.  Email is a great way to communicate with staff members.

Contact Bettina Ayala  Bettina Ayala Teacher
Contact Lauren Beall  Lauren Beall Teacher
Contact Art Carrasco  Art Carrasco Principal
Contact Michele Colton  Michele Colton Teacher
Contact Pam Comer  Pam Comer Teacher
Contact Julie Dickerson  Julie Dickerson Teacher
Contact Desiree Dillon  Desiree Dillon Teacher
Contact Gina Grable  Gina Grable Teacher
Contact Michelle Hamand  Michelle Hamand Teacher
Contact Keith Hill  Keith Hill Teacher
Contact Jennifer Holguin  Jennifer Holguin Teacher
Contact Timothy Hutchison  Timothy Hutchison Teacher
Contact Cathy Johnston  Cathy Johnston Teacher
Contact Jennifer Lin  Jennifer Lin Teacher
Contact Lydia Meza-Magallanes  Lydia Meza-Magallanes Teacher
Contact Colleen Mitchell  Colleen Mitchell Teacher
Contact Melissa Monroe  Melissa Monroe Teacher
Contact Cris Munsey  Cris Munsey Teacher
Contact Leandra Obrien  Leandra Obrien Teacher
Contact Kristina Pichitino  Kristina Pichitino Teacher
Contact Jackie Reed  Jackie Reed Teacher
Contact Julie Reeves  Julie Reeves Teacher
Contact Marti Roane-Engel  Marti Roane-Engel Teacher
Contact Paula Robinson  Paula Robinson Teacher
Contact Karen Robles  Karen Robles Teacher
Contact Kiarlo Ruth  Kiarlo Ruth Teacher
Contact Terra Sarnacki  Terra Sarnacki Teacher
Contact Annette Sulewski  Annette Sulewski Teacher
Contact Kimberlee Taylor  Kimberlee Taylor Teacher
Contact Claudia Wagner  Claudia Wagner Teacher
Contact Karissa Walaszek  Karissa Walaszek Teacher
Contact Nicole Williams  Nicole Williams Teacher
Contact Susan Williams  Susan Williams Teacher
Contact Dan Zalinski  Dan Zalinski Teacher