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Foussat Elementary Student Council Raises Money For Families Affected by the Fire in Crown Heights
Posted 6/6/19

Each year members of the student council at Foussat Elementary work to raise money to donate to a good cause. This year the student council heard about the families and students that were affected by the fire in Crown Heights. Even though none of the families that had been affected by the fire attended Foussat the students were moved by the fact that 8 families and 14 students in their community had lost almost everything.


On April 6, 2019, a fire swept through 2 apartment buildings in Oceanside. The firefighters were able to contain the fire however they were unable to save the buildings and the individuals living in the apartments lost everything inside.


The Oceanside Unified School District community rallied around its families that had been displaced by the fire and provided support, supplies, and even financial assistance.


On June 6, 2019 Dr. Sparks, Director of Student Services, visited the Foussat student council, led by teacher Karisa Gleason where they presented him with a gift card that contained all of the money that they had raised. In all, the 22 students raised $150 on their own that will be used to assist the families affected by the Crown Heights fire. The students also created a book of handwritten letters filled with hope and love that will also go to the Crown Heights families.


“These students represent the best in our community. That they would take the time to think about what other people in their community needed and then find a way to help them, shows true empathy and compassion, two of the most important leadership traits.” Said, Dr. Jordy Sparks.


Check out the video of the students presenting their donation to Dr. Sparks.